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The Patron Association started its activity in summer 1995. The Association's objective, mission: assistance of the physical-mental health of children, young people, families with special needs of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, improvement of their social situation. 
The activity of the Association is coordinated by the management, which consists of a president, secretary and cashier who fulfil their duties as volunteers.
The Association established its second institute, the Residential Home in 2004, which performs the provision, special development, employment of mentally disabled and autistic young people getting out of school in a family house purchased from resources of applications.
Since 19th January 2004 8 mentally disabled young people, among them 1 woman with Down syndrome and 1 young autistic person have started their independent lives in the residential home.
The occupants are of the age of 20-27 years, they keep their own living space tidy and look after it independently compared to their abilities. They organize their daily routine, their problems arising in the everyday practice with little assistance.

The provision of the young people, implementation of the professional program are carried out by 5 workers: 1 teacher of handicapped people - specialist of mental hygiene, 2 social workers-nurses-special educational assistant of advanced level and 1 nurse-special educational assistant of advanced level.
Modernization plans of the Residential Home - collection of resources

  • Insulation of the residential home building - for reducing the heating costs
  • Replacement of windows - 4 pc double windows - to plastic windows, the present ones cannot be closed and can be opened with difficulties
  • Replacement of parquet floor - about 100 m2- the present one has open joints, moves, causes accident risks
  • Construction of therapeutic gymnastics room and gym - for development of the movement of the provided persons by a physiotherapist 


We would like offerings from enterprises and private persons.

Our bank account: HVB 10914007-00000010-20300017

Our availability:
Eisert Lászlóné president, 4400 Nyíregyháza, Közép u. 19. Tel.: 42/500-155; Fax: 42/500-154

E-mail: patronus.e@freemail.hu



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